I am so nervous!

This is the first time that I’m opting to study since high school. Its been 7yrs. I am so nervous, I almost feel like I need to start the day with a cheesy school photo with backpack and packed lunch included!

I have to catch a train and make new friends! I have to sit in a class room one day a week and motivate myself to study alone the other 4 days of the workweek! I feel like I am setting myself up for failure, but I know I’m not.

God called me to be a Chaplain, and studying youth work is just my foot in the door. I know in my heart that I can work with youth and be a Chaplain. I know full well that I am capable, the bit that scares me is the study.

The last year of high school for me was spent away from school. I skipped school A LOT and only just passed. So now that I have a passion for something I’m trying to make myself believe that I can study and do well in this course because I’m choosing to be there, no one has forced me to do this!

I am telling Satan that he CAN NOT ruin this for me, this is God’s calling for this season of my life and I refuse to be beaten by devilish lies. That little voice in my head telling me I can’t,WILL GO AWAY, because I can do this. I’m choosing not to listen to the lies of this devil and listen to what Jesus says about me, “I can do ALL things through Christ, who strengthens me” Phil 4:13.

I can and I will succeed!

Let this be an encouragement to you: If I can do it, you can too!


Georgie P