I am sick and tired of HATING myself because I’m not someone else.

I compare myself constantly to other people and it gets myself down and down. I am so deeply unhappy when I do this. I am happy with myself,my body, home, husband, life.
Then I see other people with new things and a more “loving” husband and I just get so depressed.

My husband is the literal best! He speaks words of encouragement and love over me. He is kind to me, he works hard for our family so I can stay home and study. He is generous and sexy! He is proud of me and the best friend I could ever ask for!

But then…. I watch a youtube video or see friends be gooey and lovely and forget that I’ve got it good.

Or friends get a new unit and I come home to our old cold/hot box house. But I forget that our bank account only allows for cheap rent, WHICH WE HAVE. We are blessed by a home full of furniture, pictures, food and love.

I compare our fully functional second hand furniture with other brand new furninture. When I’m home I have never ever noticed that our things are second hand. They don’t have rips or tears. they are sturdy and fresh. But then I go to someone else’s home with their new things and end up hating everything we own.


A statement has never been truer. The more I compare my completely different life to someones elses, the more I am unhappy.

I need to shed this spirit of comparison. My life is great. Sure we struggle financially at times but we have a roof over our heads, food on the table and love in our hearts.

I need to not compare myself. I love my life. I have Jesus and my husband.

Thats all I really need.

x Georgie P