Today our home was inspected. It was such an anxiety fueled morning knowing someone was coming into my home to judge it.
I keep a neat home. I have lots of trinkets and nick nacks and to some that makes the space cluttered but to me it makes it a lived in space. I enjoy having my lounge room overflowing with photos and books and flowers and candles.
We tidied and deep cleaned every area of the home so this lady could tick some boxes and say we haven’t destroyed the house.
She looked through my things and took so many photos.
My anxiety was in overdrive. These inspections usually last 15mins MAX. She was here for 1.5hr. I have a veryy small home. The master bedroom isn’t even considered the master as its so small.
She paced back and fourth through the rooms, stared and took her photos.
I love my home but I felt that I live my life wrong because she didn’t like the way the house is kept.
We don’t have a showroom home. We have an old house, with old things and its homey. You walk in and know that people live there and love living there.
Benches are clean and the floor is to, but that isn’t enough when to her everything didn’t look brand new.
So now she has left and I’m sitting on my lounge, I can finally take a deep breath and thank the Lord that our home is still ours and its still wonderful, regardless of someone else’s opinion.

Georgie P