I was introduced to essential oils by way of migraines…Yay. I got my period in year 7. But it wasn’t until early last year that I started to get hormonal migraines. Every day during my period I would get a horrible migraine. I was working in sales and was using the computer alll day. It would set me off in the worst way, I would get dizzy and nauseous and it would result in a day of bed rest. No lights, wet cloth over my eyes and an audio book playing in the background. Then I would sleep and sleep and pray the migraine away.

After multiple doctors visits and trialing pills and rings nothing was working. A cousin gave me some of her essential oils to help ease the pain. doTERRA’s PastTense blend. It was such a savior during the days of migraine HELL.
After the oil ran out I got a chemist brand headache relief oil. It did not help at all. So I let the idea of using oils go.

A friend from my hometown was a Consultant for doTERRA and had been messaging me on and off about the business opportunity of doTERRA. I kept giving her excuses, essential oils weren’t for me. But then…. A friend was hosting an essential oil party and when I saw all the ways to use the oils, I was hooked!!
You can literally use these oils for EVERYTHING. Health issues, headaches, tooth aches, vericose veins, stress, anxiety, hunger suppressants, all things emotion and more.

I loveeee these oils. They have changed my life in the best way! I use them everyday for everything.

I have my diffuser on non stop, in the morning I put a energetic mix on. Afternoon and evening usually a health benefit mix to help with keeping illness away and my body ready for anything. Bed time I use a sleepy time mix. I swear by my oils.

I use the DigestZen blend in my water to help with gut health, EasyAir on my chest to help my lungs and chest do its job, Balance to calm my moods and keep my mind at ease, Citrus Bliss to pep me up and keep me feeling happy!!
Plus I make roller bottle mixes and use the oils in cleaning products and even my moisturiser.

I used to think essential oils were for hippies. And if thats the case, count me in!! These oils are transforming my life. They are keeping me healthy and happy and the friends I have made because of doTERRA will be friends for life. I am so thankful for my hippie oils. I will forever me greatful!!

Georgie P