So last week my husband and I made the decision to put my study on hold. It was costing us $300 a month, but with his minimum wage and the very little study allowance I was entitled to, the bills were piling up.

That wasn’t all, I wasn’t motivated. I was being lazy and wasting my time. I wasn’t putting the effort in that I should have been. I was sending my husband to work everyday to support something I wasn’t even committed to. I was left feeling guilty and it was eating away at me.

I had a little break down and it was decided to stop the study.

I’m started applying for jobs and praise the Lord, there are 2 reception jobs going at youth psychologist offices. How fitting for someone who wants to work with youth.

I would make an amazing admin lady. I have all the skills, and its in a field I would enjoy.

I’m praying that the Lord’s favour is upon me and I get a reception job at a youth psych office.

Pray for me.


Georgie P