I can not win in this workplace.

Every leg up I get, I get thrown down. I am a hard worker, I learnt quickly and am capable of working alone.

But the rules that apply to EVERYONE else, seem to not apply to myself or the other girl in my team. We constantly get in trouble for things outside our control.

I get bullied by a member in Operations in another state, but because its not “personal” enough the company don’t care.

I am feeling beaten and broken and its become a struggle coming to work. I don’t want that. I want to enjoy work. I spend most of my life here, why would I want to hate it.

I just feel like I’m on a sinking ship. My manager seems to be the instigator in all of this. Maybe I need to look elsewhere, but I don’t know where. It took so long to get this job and its just down the road from our house.

I don’t want to be the depressed version of myself again.

How do you overcome a horrible workplace?